If you break your laptop it is not my fault. There are many shop ideas like neoprene sleeve or some soft case. Proceed at your own risk. Do you have more Information about the missing parts? Replacing your SSD with a pata is going to be generally slower. You cannot really get at this tab because of a piece of clear plastic that is used to transmit light from LEDs on the MoBo to the indicators on the rounded bar above the F1 through F3 keys.

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You have to open the whole unit to get to the memory, not just a trap door.

Acer AOA150 laptop Bluetooth device drivers

Do you think the RAM is the problem? Is it possible to use a 8mm thick drive without cutting more than with a 5 mm thick drive?? I was wondering if you could upload you AAO bluetooth mod video on YouTube cause there is no way i can watch it on Qik.

Now I see you adding a BT adapter to your netbook. I know the wifi on the can be swapped for any good card, not sure about the Aspire. I have to say, the acer seems to be shaping up to be the better of the two, despite poor battery life and lack of bluetooth.


Many of you out there are very good techies: Anyone else have the problem? I mean for the money or whatever. I say that because I have lost some abilities in my hands for accuracy.

I also recommend buy a 9 cell battery and mini usb bluetooth. What I would like to do, along with because I might as well while I am in there, is to add a 32gb or higher USB stick hard mounted in just like the BT.

Good luck — mastman. I know the hard drive is powered up because I can here it spin down when I power down. Computer hardware best links of last week Hardware Revolution.

Bluetooth and touch screen on Acer Aspire One AOA/ZG5? | NotebookReview

II – the missing bluetooth. Trending When Drones attack! I have a question. At any rate this is acerr a strange and tiny soldering job that i cannot think of any way to practice unless you have a broken piece of electronics that you do not care about any longer.

Firewire, even if it were not operating at full speed would be useful also for an M-Audio Firewire for audio recording. Aoa1500 footprint of this unit is almost the same as the Aspire and if it were not for the bluetootn of connectivity, I would have tried it already. Is it possible for me to buy a Also, did you test the empty PCI-E solder pads where the 3g card would go to see if it was connected to anything?


Do you have more Information about the missing parts?

Raj Periyasamy Please re-read my post! Great buy for the price. I did the bluetooth, upgraded my drive, already had a gig of ram in, and I was looking at the PCIe wifi card and noticed bluetootu little pigtails.

Then some smoke, and now there is a short across all leads.

Bluetooth and touch screen on Acer Aspire One AOA150/ZG5?

Just curious if you checked the empty header on the other side of the motherboard, labeled CN11 I think. And I love the color. I switched the main to the aux…and then with the main I installed an external acdr.

Was the Ram upgrade a simple one i have no skill with this stuff and want to know it took you and what you needed.

Joe Harper on October 20, 6: I am using an external dvd drive to install Windows XP. I am tired of the slow ssd, so i bought a toshiba 30gb mkgal 1.