That could give us a hint for the features ATI is trying to give to the customers. I don’t think ATI ever made stereo drivers, but if you find one, tell us. SillyHoney , Feb 6, The multiplayer, at least. The monitor had to be set to 60Hz refresh rate, meaning that each eye would see 30Hz refresh. Nvidia has released stereo driver which also supports anaglyphs long time ago. This site uses cookies.

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At the same time, a second buffer is used to deliver the display output of the GPU to a monitor or other display. You do need to pay for third party middleware drivers, though. Not being tied to specific hardware and standard restrictions gives us far greater scope to build a 3D-capable rig that meets our needs. Grant B Gibson Dec 3, I’m lucky I had a random part of anaglyph 3D glasses lying around No, create an account now.

Alienware 17 and M17x. If AMD’s mission with HD3D is to allow 3f to buy 3D hardware from various different manufacturers, without us having to worry whether it will all work together, that can only be a good thing for us consumers — and might lead to more of us setting up our rigs for 3D.


Im not really looking for anything to expensive, and would want it to be atleast x, infact x or x would be great.

Ati Radeon Stereo Driver | Hardware Heaven Forums

Sadly, for me it causes Modern Warfare 2 to crash before the menu screen. You need a new card, first of all.

Do you already have an account? Unlike Nvidia’s approach, where you’re tied to Nvidia 3D Vision-certified hardware, HD3D’s open ecosystem should allow for a more diverse choice.

Once you see it there is no way back If you find sth about it please let me know. I am also pleased with ati’s software, but they should correct their mistake very quickly.

I’ve never been interested in such glases primarly becouse they don’t work with my eye glases. Make sure you have the latest AMD Catalyst No, create an account now. Modern Warfare 2Mass Effect 2 and World of Warcraftand are included in a growing list of compatible games.

It can also be more cost effective — not only can we shop around for the best components at the best prices, we can also avoid some of the hidden costs associated with Nvidia 3D Vision.

Alienware m17x r4 cloned ssd upgrade wont boot Imonk86Dec 3,in forum: The monitor had to be set to 60Hz refresh rate, meaning that each eye would see 30Hz refresh. Using either TriDef 3D or iZ3D you need to select the game ato and point the software to the game’s executable file, and then launch the game itself from inside the 3D software.


Ok, so, I’ve done a little bit more research, but some of it has just brought up more questions. Solution to the 17″ problem is to simply place your face 10cm away from the screen haha. Share This Page Tweet. L7RMar 26, Unless you can afford a glasses-free 3D display, you’ll need the chunky eyewear too.

3D (Anaglyph) with m17x (Any driver ATI/Nvidia)

SillyHoneyFeb 6, The long and short of it is the market segment wanting this is far too small for it to be worth ATi’s efforts. But I’m still strongly in favor of ATI supporting this feature, if they can.

DetectionFeb 27, AMD hopes that as more new monitors begin to support DisplayPort 1. That’s short term requests.

Sow-craytesMar 27,