No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or. Installation Process More information. Somewhat later, he or she hears a number of discrete echoes caused by sound bouncing once off nearby walls, the ceiling and the floor. Please go to CMedia Website to search update information. File name field shows the file name. The Sound Blaster X7 was designed with an external power adapter, as opposed to regular amplifiers More information. You can select or move tracks of audio CD from and into the playlist.

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No part of this manual, including the products and software described c-jedia it, More information. The following is the hardware installation and the software setups: IAD The head shadowing effect creates differences in the amplitudes of the sound signals arriving at each ear from the source.

USB Audio,USB audio chip,Type C Audio,USB Audio Codec–C-Media Electronics, Inc.

Shows software version and copyright information. Place a screwdriver at the tip of the stylus and push down in direction A. The optical fiber interface within the sound card can provide easy access to people who want to digitally record the MP3 music on their PC to the MD player.


Finally, press ‘Record’ to start the recording process. Installation Process More information.

C-Media Audio Application

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Loads the next track of playlist. Stops and leaves the CD player. Please left-click the upper right of the demo screen as shown below, and choose your own music file to play.

Download CMedia Sound Card drivers

C-Media XeaR technology is truly something you don t wanna miss. Regulates wave voice playback levels. The mic wired or wireless level is set very high. The effect is greater for frontal sources than lateral sources. Playback backward for 10 seconds: For more information, please refer to the 9 C-Media Xeat Mixer.

It might occur to you to use your PC for this.

PC/VR/Mobile Gaming Headset Solution

You can save the playlist into a file as well. Loads the next audio file of playlist. Full-duplex playback and recording. Regulates the Auxiliary input play level.

Left-click the mouse to activated this Demo and feel the differences. CD title and track name field shows CD title and track name. Please left-click “Echo” to activate the function. This helps us to determine how best to provide useful information to customers and to understand which parts of our websites and services are of most interest to them.


While this may More information. Xear Sonic is for low-end speaker systems by providing dynamic bass, adaptive volume, and making vocal ranges clearer.

All other trademarks and registered trademarks c-mefia in this manual are the property of their respective c-mwdia and are hereby acknowledged. File name field shows the file name.

Key Features 3 4. In additional, CMI plus C-Media XeaR technology to brings forth a true earphone revolution in the way sound is heard and enjoyed in the multi-channel audio environment.

When all of application software has been installed, shut down the Windows NT system, and then reboot your system. Not only the sounds themselves, but also the acoustic contribution of the environment envelop the listener and give vital clues about the positions of sound source.