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The C is 1u.

redhat – Dedicated GPU in Dell PowerEdge C – Server Fault

You might be able to identify a better slot to use with a combination of lspci -tv and lspci -vvvv. Yes, my password is: Dec 27, 7. VaderDec 27, If you see the LnkCap and LnkSta something slower like 2. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Your name or email address: I am looking at the C since it gives me the thing I need most – more RAM expansion capability, and capacity. Dec 27, 4. I wouldn’t expect to fit anything of substantial size in that either. Can 2 servers use all the storage drive bays?

I just bought a C and here is what I learned. Intel Architecture Day. Is the GPU getting enough power?


No, create an account now. Eli Gundry 4. Will I be able to spin up a virtual DVR with video card pass-through using x16 slot and discrete card without onboard card getting in the way?

Here’s my card desiring a PCIe x16 slot, which it is in: If its got a decent sized cooler on it, you’re probably screwed. If you want some screenshots of the interior, you should be able to find them online. Do I need a riser card for it?

Not to hijack this thread but how is storage divided on the blades? So you will need a riser regardless of what your plan is. Dec 27, 6. Dec 30, I’m good on disk and most of the stuff I do isn’t CPU intensive except the single SQL instance I run for the products, and I am not performance tuning that for clients.

Do you already have an account? Is there any way to remedy the choppy graphics on this server? Dec 27, 3.

Dell C1100 for home lab – graphics card?

Is there any way to either disable the VGA on this server or tell the OS to only use the dedicated card. Dell C for home lab – viedo card? It looks like I might need a riser card for this activity as well, please correct me if that is not accurate.


If not, let me know via PM and I’ll open mine up for you, its spec’d the way you are looking to buy, so it’ll be true to form. Dec 27, 9. I am not particular about any one hypervisor since this is just a sandbox and a few VMs running a home setup. That said, the video is very choppy, leading us to belive that the onboard video is doing all the processing and sending it to the card.