An error when updating the firmware is usually caused by a problem with the drive interface or there is more than one drive connected to that I. Also make sure you flash the correct drive. I connected via USB. LG Driver Update Utility. After downloading, double-click the file to expand it. I use the autoreset firmware for the LG, but region free for my other drives. We all make mistakes.

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Close all other programs including: Open the firmware program. Those who are paranoid often disconnect anything but the drive they want to flash. In any case, most of us here consider the risk to be small and the reward to be high, so we flash.

Also disconnect any other optical drives connected to the computer. Please do not repeat questions in multiple threads, as it makes it hard to keep track of the answers for those who try to help. Heroay Tested on Windows XP.

I connected via USB. The primary risk with either is the flashing process itself.

Just for variety, there is no rational reason for my choice! Actually I tried everything under LG …thinking they might be the same drives. This effectively gives you an infinite number of region changes, without all the software BS required by an RPC1 firmware.


If an error occurs during the upgrade process, or the upgrade process is cancelled during this process, damage to the drive can occur. Was this review helpful? Then run the executable file it vree after reading the instructions.

GSAB region free? – LG burner – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

Click the update button and do not touch or interfere with the drive while the firmware is being upgraded. Everything went well and i rebooted. After downloading, double-click the file to expand it. Hmm… Vant, can you eloborate a liltle on the patching process?

HL-DT-ST GSAB Firmware AX13 Download

The flashing shows no progress…maybe you can try and post some comments. The risk of using them is identical to the original.

Also make sure you flash the correct drive. LG Driver Update Utility.

HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B resources, firmwares and drivers

If you encounter problems in gss4163b the firmware or have any questions, please contact our LG customer support line toll-free at With AnyDVD you do not need a codefree firmware at all since it emulates whatever vsa4163b want for hardware and software.

Never update the firmware if the problem you’re having is the drive isn’t seen by windows, won’t write with the included software, or other interface related problems, unless the firmware specifically states it fixes the problem you are having.


ffree After the reboot, software like dvd info pro and alcohol shows my LG as region free, but windows xp and dvd idle pro claims the drive is still rpc2, and i have 2 changes left! Please post your experience if you have tried it. Start Windows and verify it can recognize the drive. If you haven’t already, download the firmware file and extract the zip file. For more info try Google, or a search on rpc1. Overview Reviews Related Gsa4163v.

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Looking forward for your reply. Flashing process gsa4163 the rpc1 firmware is the same as the one using the official firmware. The patches change half a dozen bytes of the original firmware.