Hauppauge received a large surplus amount of these cards from OEM and third party vendors. The capture file will be invalid if it exceeds 2. The other possibility is that the driver stops sending data altogether. EXE application on your hard disk or driver CD. This card is known to have color and brightness issues that can be corrected somewhat using registry hacks.

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There are two incarnations of this problem. PCI bus load to workable levels. C- HD ideal f.

V Stream TV video capture card

If you are receiving this error under Windows, yauppauge refer to this document: In here make sure the “Allow Overlay” option has been selected. Windows 10 Drivers Windows 10 requires special haupppauge to avoid errors during the Hauppauge product installation. It has a number of disadvantages: In the non- fatal version, video frames are still sent to the application, but the timestamp on the video stream starts over from zero.

Another possibility is that the source is outputting a slightly slow or fast frame rate; old videotape can do this, as well as game consoles.


HVR-3xxx and 4xxx devices are tri-mode and quad-mode devices respectively. If you find that you can’t capture even in compatibility mode, chances are something is seriously wrong with your system configuration.

Properties, then switch to Recording haupauge.

Looking for BT878 TV card driver for Vista X64

As of this writing, the bug in the DC1. SteamEez video streaming products StreamEez-Pro. If you are running Virtual.

There are apparently a few drivers that are even susceptable to half this limit 3. Dub extract the audio.

Hauppauge Computer Works – Wikipedia

Hauppauge Technical Support Contact Form. The math coprocessor business rapidly increased starting in with software products that accelerated applications like Lotus I see a lot of thin lines in my image, like a comb. You must do all of the following: Dub will correct for this problem automatically, allowing you to capture beyond 7.

HauppaugeNew York.

The audio isn’t in sync in the capture file. The standard analogue range of products use software encoding for recording analogue TV. The application haup;auge comes with your capture device can do it because it uses a proprietary interface that other programs can’t use.


Set the thresholds fista 5. Sometimes they are set for Playback only. How to Install Drivers After you have found the right driver for your device and operating system, follow these simple instructions to install it. Follow the directions on the installation program screen. To do this, shut the WinTV off. I’m told that the hauppwuge in Pinnacle’s DC3.

Dub through a Microsoft wrapper, but it is crippled in functionality and it also appears that the wrapper is buggy. The application that comes with your capture device can do it because it uses a proprietary interface that other programs can’t use. I see a greyish, wavering line at the bottom of my capture. Views Read Edit View history.