Each time the library door is closed, a bar code reader mounted on the autochanger is designed to scan the cartridge labels enabling a re-inventory of the cartridges in the library frame in as little as 60 seconds. A maximum of 40 of the may be included in a single console facility. If any power cord other than the default is required, it must be specified from one of the following specify codes: It should be ordered on the second unit attached to the modem in an installation. For bulk loading of tape cartridges, the library door can be opened. Per the Solutions Assurance Product Review SAPR Guide , the account team or Business Partner should ensure that the customer checks the support levels required for their particular software environment prior to the installation of the Tape Drive. Customer replacement parts Not available.

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Labeled or bulk quantities of LTO cartridges can be ordered using machine type or purchased through distributors.

The TS Tape Library utilizes the patented Multi-Path Architecture, designed to allow homogeneous lbm heterogeneous open systems applications to share the library robotics, with ALMS for storage slot pooling and flexible drive assignment. This helps reduce the number of backhitch repositions and improve throughput performance. Additional copies are available.

The following feature number must be ordered every time the number of attached frames is changed either added or removed in a Tape Library that has a Model HA1: By utilizing selected Fibre Channel Switches, distances exceeding meters are possible. A specify code for color is not required.


No Charge Required feature: A Solutions Assurance call is required at a minimum for the installation of the first new TS in an account. Control Path Failover Two types of path failover capabilities exist: Model conversions Not available. You can tailor the library to match your system capacity, performance, and application requirements using up to drives in up to bim TS Tape Library frames.

Models L23, L53 – Plant or Field.

Family 3584+11 IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library Model D53

This helps to ensure that the replacement drive has the same WWNN as the original drive and may help avoid the need to re-IPL or reconfigure host systems. Use of the TS may help expedite microcode updates, reduce service times, and enhance local service. IBM LTO Ultrium tape drives are compact storage devices designed eevice support the highly intensive read and write operations required by today’s open system servers.

Feature number is not required with the first installation of a Model HA1.

Family +11 IBM System Storage TS Tape Library Model D53

Refer to the Supplies section for additional information. The dynamic load balancing support is designed to optimize resources for devices that have physical connections to multiple HBAs in the same machine.

Any required cables must be supplied by devicee customer. Data capacity for the Model L22 using data cartridges is TB native and 52 to TB using data compression at 3: The quantity of features plus plus must be equal to or greater than the quantity of tape drives installed feature plus plus plus A connector can be attached per local requirements.

Family +08 IBM Tape Library Model HA1

Both types of failover include host-side failover when configured with multiple host bust 3854 HBA ports into a switch, but CPF includes target-side dsvice through the control paths that are enabled on more than one tape drive.


The following attributes apply to the drive canister feature codes listed above: A specify code for color is not required. It should be ordered on the third through the fourteenth unit attached to the Remote Support Switch in an installation site.

SARS can cause the drive to request a cleaner tape, to mark the media as degraded, and to indicate devicd the hardware has degraded. The drive can be reinstalled with the Drive Reinstall feature One of, or Field Installable: Each IBM LTO Ultrium tape drive contains the electronics and logic for reading and writing data, control of the tape drive, management of the data buffer, and error recovery procedures.

It contains cartridge memory that is a passive, contactless silicon storage device. A door lock is included to restrict physical access to cartridges in the library.

It is only required when the number of attached frames is changed after the installation of the Model HA1. Ibj will also be available from the following website: When accessing a tape drive device that has been configured with alternate pathing across multiple host ports, the IBM device driver automatically selects a path through the HBA that has the fewest open tape devices, and assigns that path to the application.