Correct Answers – 10 points. I currently work at an Accountancy office where we regularly use office software such as Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat, and Laserfiche. They’re snapshotting just a plain docume I’m probably not gonna find a practical solution in this forum. Say I have a doc When scanning into LaserFiche, there is a setting in LaserFiche to select pages per document. Is there a way to snapshot PDFs so that that only the color pages are captured in color, but the non-color pages are still just in monochrome?

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I can use it all afternoon to print from one program into Laserfiche. Snapshot won’t consistently work.

Related Topics Laserfiche Version 9 Version Updated May 2, Whether or not it works is completely random. Posted Feb 6, Generating Pages Physically Prints the Document! Laserfiche Snapshot generates images and text from electronic files e.


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This allows a variation in the document properties such as folder paths, templates and naming conventions that can be pre-configured. Posted Jan 16, Items such as a document name and date fields are popular uses for tokens.

Updated Dec 14, Printing Excel Workbook with Snapshot. Laserfiiche Friends with Laserfiche: Different methods yield different results.

Capturing Documents with Laserfiche Snapshot

Updated Sep 13, Would you like to increase your Laserfiche Snapshot efficiency? Scanning in batches allows you to select a saved profile and import multiple documents at once.

Once that’s done, I “print” but save as a PDF. I have a weird one snapsbot you.

Posted Feb 10, I found references to printing Excel Workbook pages with Snapshot in the old forum: Updated Oct 11, The reason being is because the document in regards to this issue is laserrfiche contract. The file starts as a Word Template, which I fill in a client’s information.

Most popular Most popular Newest Recently updated Fewest replies. Thank you and have a nice day. IS there a way to print into LaserFiche with page selection? You are viewing limited content.


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Can you tell us what technique you are using to convert your Word document to PDF? I have no knowledge of Laserfiche, but is it possible that the PDF you are trying to print is image-based instead of a file with actual text?

I’ll laserrfiche closing this forum. If the profile is set up for the Agenda documents there will be minimal manual data entry that will need to take place.

I’m busy working on my blog posts. Is there a setting th