Copyright C – Atea Ataroa Limited. Please review the documentation and man-page of netconfig for more details. For the cxgb3i driver to work properly, this parameter needs to be set to If you only want to try loading a module once, the –allow-unsupported-modules command-line switch can be used with modprobe. Linux requires VIOS 2. The kernel is crashing or otherwise misbehaving and a kernel core dump needs to be captured for analysis.

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29 December

An important requirement for every Enterprise operating system is the level of support a customer can get for his environment. SPident is a tool to identify the Service Pack level of the current installation.

Install the package “pwdutils-plugin-audit”. We encourage customers to work with Novell and Novell’s partners to resolve dependencies on those old libraries. TPM support is entirely passive, meaning that measurements are being performed, but no action is taken based on any TPM-related activity.

Intel Itanium ia64 specific Information 8. Once you are ready to assign a code to the device, starting the YaST Novell Customer Center registration module and putting in the appropriate code replacing the un-entitled provisional code that NCC generated will fully entitle the device and activate the appropriate update repositories.

Ubuntu – Software Packages in “xenial”, Subsection oldlibs

An iSCSI shared device should never be mounted directly on the local machine. Leaving this field blank doesn’t work in LPAR. Customers who serve disks or partitions from Linx should not upgrade. If you install unsupported modules after the initial installation and want to enable those modules to be loaded during system boot, please don’t forget to run depmod and mkinitrd.


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is backed by award-winning support from Novell, kinux established technology leader with a proven history of delivering enterprise-quality support services.

Ubuntu – Software Packages in “xenial”

Also, please regulary check our maintenance update information, which will explicitly mention the general availability of this feature. It’s not rocket science to keep a distro up to the latest edition of software packages. In such memory scenarios we strongly recommend using a x system with bit SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and run the ai x86 applications on it.

For automatic afi with AutoYaST in an LPAR,it is required that the parmfile used for such an installation has blank characters at the beginning and at the end of each line the first line need not start with a blank. To mitigate this, we recommend periodically running the Update Profile Wizard or aa-logprof 8 to update your profiles even if you choose to leave them in learning mode.

Kernels which are tainted are not supported. This may reset any previously entered information. It will be replaced with a successor atj accepted and integrated into the official Kernel.

This modular, general purpose operating system runs on five processor architectures and is available with optional extensions that provide advanced capabilities for real time computing, high availability clustering, and running. Novell will continue to work with the community on improving security on this. The AppArmor intrusion prevention framework builds a firewall around your applications by limiting the access to files, directories, and POSIX capabilities to the minimum required for normal operation.


Kernel Modules supported by Novell partners and delivered using Novell’s Partner Linux Driver process are marked “external”. This can be done through yast2-firewall or manually. Reproduction of problem isolation, which means technical support designed to duplicate customer problems, isolate problem area and potential issues, and provide resolution for problems not resolved by Level 1 Support.

Novell may charge a fee to recover its reasonable costs of distribution. Beyond that, Novell’s appliance offerings provide powerful environments for software building, packaging and delivery.

It is always a good plan to keep data separated from the system software. Current DCB features are: Novell and our partners are currently evaluating reports that with CPU overcommitment in place and under heavy load fully virtualized guests may become unresponsive or hang.

The trustedgrub bootloader does not display any graphical representation of a boot menu for informational reasons. Select one of the other VGA modes instead.

The maximum file size above can be larger than the filesystem’s actual size due to usage of sparse blocks. All modules of a self-recompiled kernel are by default marked as unsupported. Newer ping6 versions have this disabled by default.