Originally Posted by z28mccrory. Cam it properly and driving it is not an issue. Tested on the engine dyno in this manner a stock 6. Adding Power to a 6. You dont need all of the High Dollar stuff in the block to meet your goals. The GM Vortec V8 was introduced in as an alternative to the Duramax diesel for customers seeking maximum power without the hassles of diesel fuel.

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You’ve probably already figured out from the title of our story that we’re going with cubic inches 6. You can add boost if you want, or keep it NA.

Truckin Magazine strojer to. Better to test a couple of different grinds than limit our testing to just one.

TSP has them for cheaper than a The new updated mobile application is here! LS2 tiger What would it take to build a whp daily driver???

LQ9 408 Stroker Budget Build – Finance-Friendly 408

With your mods and the shot you should be over Heavy D Started in to impart students with the “art of engine building,” SAM offers courses ranging from engine block and cylinder head machining to use of CNC equipment. Find More Posts by 99blancoSS. You sure you want an iron block though?

The combinations included forged stroker crank and I-beam rods attached to a set of forged-aluminum slugs from JE Pistons. Note that both Crane cams increased the engine speed where the engine produced peak power, but the 48 power gains at the top of the rev range came with very little trade off at lower engine speeds.


Originally Posted by WSsick.

You might wanna give Texas Speed a call to get an estimate and professional opinions and what you can do to keep it low cost. Those are the kind of gains normally associated with forced induction, and the fact that it came with little or no penalty down low is just icing on the cake.

Recognizing this, we outfitted the stroker accordingly. I had a rwhp daily driver I guess my deal is my car is stating to rack up the miles on it so I am looking to get a 0 mile bottom end and I like the idea of big hp and not having to worry about a belt slipping off.

You won’t have to forge the bottom end although you will need forged rods and pistons. OP-stroker cranks and strkker can be had from several of the vendors to the left. Thanks for the dailly up, and I will look into those some more also. I would take etroker and my goat and go get a new ZO6. My old set-up was drivin through all kinds of weather speed density, with a Ms4 on a lsa with a good tune.

LS Stroker Engine

While we’ve yet to add in the cost of syroker necessaries like main and rod bearings, things are still shaping up nicely for our short-block. You don’t need those ETP heads to make power. The more aggressive Crane cam increased lift to. But until you reach that point, the LS responds nicely to boring and stroking, improved cylinder head flow and they respond especially well to power adders. Machine Work And Short-Block AssemblyOf course, our parts weren’t quite ready for their day in the sun–they still needed to be machined before we could make them a part of our budget LS.


Big cubes is os good place to start. We are strokre participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Adding Power to a 6.0L LS Stroker Build With Crane Cams

The increased displacement and mild cam timing combined to limit peak power production, as the horsepower curve dropped off rapidly past 5, rpm. Originally Posted by blackfbird. Find More Posts by uscg02ws6. According to Wiseco’s Brian Nutter, “the K1 crankshaft and connecting rods are priced extremely well and offer attention to detail not dailu seen in budget parts.

Should I want to, it’d be great as a daily driver.