Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge. And while it sounds easy to use, it’s also just as easy to setup. A powerful business laptop with a top-quality 4K screen. Maxtor One Touch II External Hard Drive – Page 1 External Backup Solution with Powerful Capabilities In the last few years, hard drive manufacturers have had to come up with ingenious ways and incorporate more and more features in order to make a “difference” in the market. The other type of backup is known as a ‘Duplicate’ – which is simply a direct copy of the files onto the drive.

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It’s simply the fastest way possible to perform a backup, faster than CD or a removable cartridge system and certainly faster than floppies. Maxtor provides a package that contains everything necessary for the handling and various connections of the 300gbb.

However, something that may be worth considering is the inclusion of a connection on the front, since quite a large number of users may want to connect their digital cameras or DVD camcorders for example, directly onto the drive to download their media files.

Maxtor OneTouch II 300GB

Throughout, the drive remained quiet and never got more than warm. The drive comes with a plastic cradle, so it can be placed upright or laid down flat your desk to tojch space.

The One Touch Backup system was originally developed at Quantum laboratories, before that company was acquired by Maxtor in early Unfortunately, maxror OneTouch II still suffers from an overly large enclosure that is sure to dominate any desk it sits on, and it doesn’t support Linux computers. We did not know how long a back up would take, as all maxor were presented with was the rather mysterious “This may take a while.


Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. It is a three step process: Even installation of the One Touch software is a matter of a maxtod clicks with the mouse and some simple questions such as the user’s name and preferred language.

Would you buy this? Restore Points can be a backup of your entire computer, specific files or folders you choose or even specific files types, such as music only. Clicking on the Drive Management icon allows you to view drive information, adjust the power saving modes or maxtpr a basic diagnostic test. You can also configure the One Touch button to launch another application, but this is rather maxto useless function. Leave this field blank.

You’re also not likely to hear any noise from the drive itself, since it is barely audible except during intense disk activity when you can hear the odd muffled whirring noise. That’s enough space for everything from 21 hours of pne to a quarter million photos to an amazing 5, hours of MP3 audio.

Maxtor offers a new Drive Lock feature for greater data protection.

We tried using the Firewire connection with our Dell but the supplied cable was a 6-pin connection and we had to purchase an adapter to hook it up to the 4-pin connection on the notebook.

It is expandable, making it easy to connect up to 63 drives via Firewire, or USB 2.


Maxtor OneTouch II

The Firewire ports can be used to transfer video directly from your digital camera or notebook or you can use the USB 2. The process starts when the user presses the button on the One Touch external drive, initiating the backup process.

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You may use these tags: Also on the back are located the two screws that allowed us to open the case and gain access to the hard disk enclosed. Out of the box, the OneTouch II is scheduled to back up your system regularly, but you can reschedule automatic backups and change the files you want copied by using the improved OneTouch II interface. On the front, we have the One Touch push-button and a metallic mesh that runs from top to bottom and provides some air circulation.

OneTouch II | Seagate Support US

It is a three step process:. We tested out the Maxtor by performing both types of 300gn on 3. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. Usually given as formatted capacity see format operation. Retrospect allows for two modes of backup called Comprehensive and Duplicate. The One Touch button has a blue light that flashes when the drive is active. Both drives can work with recent Windows releases as well as Macintosh OS 9.