Voice Recorder and MP3 player included. When operating in landscape mode, the user holds the phone on its side 90 degrees counter-clockwise , such that the camera key is positioned near the right index finger. No headset included with the phone and the 2. Voice quality could stand some improvement. The Z6tv’s phone performance is very good.

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You can turn on the loudspeaker by pressing the speaker key on the left side of the phone. The sales package also omits the USB cable which would be handy if you want to transfer music from your PC to the phone.

Additionally, both Motorola direct and resellers offer a SIM -free, unlocked version of the phone for use on other networks. One of the primary uses of the device when closed is as a landscape still or video camera. The number keypad under the slider is wide and flat.

Motorola MOTORIZR Z6tv – Phone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

When watching V Cast Mobile TV, however, the speaker was mohorizr and clear enough for us to hear voices even when we were outdoors with heavy traffic going by.

The VX, with a 5-inch rabbit ear, has even better reception. You can store music and other data in the phone’s 50MB of internal memory or on a microSD card. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted These are not on-demand video playback, but the same TV shows you see on broadcast TV, complete with commercials and time slots.


The Z10’s revamped design changes the Z8’s green lining to silver. The Z6tv’s other features are solid, though not spectacular. This motorizf the impression of the phone being more like a traditional camera. There’s one Bluetooth hitch, though, which happens when using the Z6tv as a music player. The sound quality was excellent through the Pulsar A: Other entertainment options are plentiful.

Strong stereo Bluetooth headset support is a big plus. The backlight is bright and makes the keypad easy to see in the dark.

The mini light uxb the left from the user’s point of view is a green charging light, which displays when the phone is charging and the mini light on the right again also from the POV is a blue bluetooth light displayed in periods when connected to an audio device e.

Slick looking, accessible storage card slot, excellent stereo speakers and plenty of internal memory.

Motorola Rizr

These keys are covered when the phone is closed, but the remaining keys, including the side keys, can be used normally once the keypad is unlocked; such keys are automatically locked shortly after the device is closed to prevent accidental activation when in a purse or pocket. Over 50MB internal memory. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

The lack of a wired headset in the sales package makes it almost essential for you to use Bluetooth headset for both making hands free calls and listening to music.


But Bluetooth headphones disconnect and reconnect after every track, losing the first fraction of a second of every track. Music heard through a wired headset sounds clear and true, and a great little hardware lock switch prevents you from jostling your way to the next track. The Z6tv is a good-looking and talented voice phone with the added bonus of mobile TV.

We assume you need a Moto-specific 2. The camera phone can take photos in 5 resolutions: It is offered in the United States by the Verizon Wireless network. The x resolution videos show some blockiness. The Z9n is an updated version of the original Z9. Although it was released throughout Europe and Asia shortly thereafter, the phone was not released in either the United StatesCanadaor Australia.

But the Z6tv is a strong player, especially because of its excellent voice performance and all-around build quality. The phone’s refreshingly uncrippled Bluetooth functionality also allows file transfers and modem use via Bluetooth, though we always recommend a USB cable for modem use with high-speed phones.

Volume was average and acceptable on both the earpiece and speakerphone, if not tremendously loud.