Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. Personalize your snapshots with voice annotation. The VR2’s simple viewfinder is only about as far above the lens as the shutter button is below it, which ought to help reduce parallax error when you’re taking close-up shots. This is a rather handy feature for catching quick action. Sell now – Have one to sell? You get so many options without the added hassle of carrying around more tools and bulky hardware. Aus PC Market don’t sell these products any more click here to see their current camera-related products.

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Fixed focus works OK for lower resolution cameras, because a larger amount of fuzziness is tolerable when there are fewer pixels in your image. If your gymnastic photo-taking exercises result in the destruction of your camera, it’s not as if you’ve just dropped a ten thousand dollar object into the ocean.

Photos So what kind of images do these digutal generate?

This is another exposure-test scene, and it’s also got a ton of detail which can show up overenthusiastic compression algorithms. Select a valid country.

AIPTEK PenCam PenCam VR Manuals

If your camera won’t take a picture at all, though – and PenCams won’t, in anything but quite bright light – then your photographic output is going to be, ah, minimalist. But even if it goes completely flat, at least you don’t have to buy more AAA cells. The PenCam lenses are “focus free”, to put it the nice way, or “fixed focus”, to put it less nicely. Give Dan some money!

Aiptek’s PenCam VR 5-in-1 Digital Camera combines the functions of a voice recorder, voice annotator, digital camera, digital camcorder, and PC camera in its compact pen-like frame.


Only the middle of the image is really in decent focus, with those ugly tiny-lens distortion effects fuzzing out the edges.

dihital You’ve got to take a little care using it to make sure you don’t stick your finger over the lens, but that’s not a big deal once you get used to it. Skip to main content.

Aiptek PenCam PenCam VR Manuals

Pendam DualPix looks more like a normal camera than the Aiptek offerings, and it works more like one too. It also gives you an extra beep every time you take a picture at other than infinity focus – but it takes the picture just fine. Camdra to the DualPix. When I went outside on a sunny day and panned quickly around various leafy trees instead – creating something of a worst case scenario for compression, with tons of detail in each frame and not much similarity between succeeding frames – the frame rate fell to 3.

But it doesn’t totally stink. But, once again, the DualPix wins.

Aiptek PenCam VR Overview – CNET

Outdoors during digitzl day you’re pretty much OK; at other times, you’ll find yourself leaning and twisting and fiddling to try to get enough pale-coloured stuff in the image for the camera to take a shot.

This item will be aiprek through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. The secret of great photography is very large amounts of bad photography. Assuming you’re not taking super-compressible rubbish pictures, though, Hercules’ claim that the camera can store 27 XGA images or VGA ones seems pretty accurate.

This isn’t the world’s most appealing vehicle-light-trails-at-night photo, but it demonstrates the principle.


Cheap digital camera comparison – Aiptek PenCam VR 2 and PenCam Ultra versus Hercules DualPix

Now, a few general PenCam caveats. Best Selling in Digital Cameras See all. I didn’t manage to fit more than about 6.

Seller information irji Inside, it’s nothing if not tight-packed. The third and last outdoor scene – an idyllic little creek a landscaped storm drain on its way to the river, actually, but who’s counting with a brightly lit meadow beyond it.

You start your lencam of continuous shots on something bright, then pan to the dark thing. Alternatives If you’re looking for a really cheap digital camera, but you’d like a few more normal digicam features – like a flash, and perhaps expandable storage, and better than by resolution – then get yo’self over to eBay and start fossicking. But the frame rate was only 4.

It’s grainy and it’s pale, and I had to jockey around a bit to get the camera to take a shot at all, which is why you can see the edge of the paper backdrop. To record a video clip you need more capable software, and Hercules oblige with the perfectly all right Video Studio SE, which is yet another Ulead product.

All PenCams use this sort of display and the same basic two button interface – the mode button and the shutter button are all you get, but they work OK.