Submit a Buying Request Let us help you find what you need. No we have not been here before collinsl. Thank you for your interest and your help. Another blown version 5. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Pointer Systems — not available yet.

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Another blown version 5. The laptop was also one of the first to have a standardized separable video card module. This family of laptops is plauged with some serious design defects, That being said it was still a vast improvement over the DP that preceded it.

This is about RAID configuration. No we have not been here before collinsl.

Clevo Guide

How can you be so certain? Their customers are quick to discover that they care for quality in their products as well as giving the best prices possible. C grade clel complaints to date, 45 resolved. WidowPC — is a company founded on gaming and gaming means fun. They provide a ssata computing solution to meet the needs of our surrounding community and customers nationwide.


CC grade complaints to staa, resolved. Thank you for your interest and your help. The other thread was about jumpers that got bogged down in irrelevant detail because I was stupid enough to confuse PATA and SATA in the first post but my intention should have been clear in each post after that. International Shipping email or call for details.

Not Good must email info centraltx. You should not expect ckeo they will run modern games and applications well. They want your experience with us to reflect that.

At the time, the processors fitted had extremely high clocks for their day 3. Satisfactory 14 complaints to date, 14 resolved.

It is usually considered to have the highest-end computer products because of their customizations to all of their systems… such as the trademark Alien head and polished paint jobs. AJP Computers — Established inthis company has built its reputation for enterprise and service saha its loyal and substantial customer base.


The OEMs then install the custom yet standardized components that a customer would choose… and may even re-brand the notebook with a new coat of paint, adding stickers, and other customizations.


BBB grade 11 complaint to date, 8 clwo. Satisfactory no complaint to date. Have you had this type of situation before?

You can also buy SquareTrade Protection Plan for the products:. The laptop utilized a massive copper heatsink and 2 fans to keep the hot-running Pentium 4 cool. Please be advised that only post services such as China Post, EMS are permitted to deliver private packages to Russia. Their prices are not written in stone so you can probably bargain and get a better price of the same notebook from another OEM.

vista driver for promise sata for clevo dt | NotebookReview

Satisfactory 8 complaints to date, 7 resolved. In fact, they exclusive sell Clevo models only. Unsatisfactory 1 complaint to date, ignored complaint. Their main notebook range includes:.

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