Results 1 to 8 of 8. That model is still available in black however while I got in blue. Intel i7 k 3. Also might be worth trying to find the old machine, booting it up and then copying the desired files off onto a backup HDD. As I understand you bought a USB to Sate type cable that lights up but the drive doesn’t do anything? Just got referred to this site by a friend, I’m starting college tomorrow and I’m in a big rush so i don’t have time to search the threads for a similar post i’m sorry.

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Mounted and created a test file, removed the drive and hooked it up to a Windows box and it was recognized with my test file.

The newegg pic hinted at a Y cable. I concur with the others. Once the screen for that finishes loading up you go upto the menu bar and click on the “Actions” optoin to select the “rescan disks” if not finding the new volume displayed. The nylon delttaco textile cable and the aluminum connector housings makes this cable both durable and attractive.

Most of the pages on deotaco internet include affiliate links, including some on this site.

HELP. Using SATA to USB 3.0 adapter, not showing up as removable disk!

The HSDX is only compatible with specific 2. The diskmay need more. The charger has a max capacity of 3. If it isb, just reboot and it should show up.


I pick up old computer that don’t work, fix them up and find them new homes with families that cannot afford to purchase computer but need them for school work. Using an enclosure is OK for occasional use, not for continous use because there is not enough air flow inside the enclosure and hence will shorten the life of the HD.

Contactus by emailto help deltaco. I know that I can just open my computer and connect it internally but the reason I purchased these cables in the first place is so I will not have to do that. You’ll have to go by what the vendors where you are carry as a rule or who can ship to you. Boot up the PC and it should find the HD and automatically installs the driver for it. SATA rpm 3.

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win 10 PC will not find my USB powered external HDD. Solved – Windows 10 Forums

I’ve had a USB 2. It has been formatted with NTFS.

Windows 10 can’t find external USB 3. If the disc as you say is not spinning up, then Windows most likely does not identify it.


All you need to mount and connect your 3. You can either buy a regular self contained external enclosure powered directly by usb or having a separate ac adapter or see the drive installed internally on the new machine where you then simply connect a data cable you added in along with using one of the connectors from the power supply. New 30 Sep 6.

Eufy RoboVac 11S robotic vacuum cleaner, 1,5 hours cleaning, 0. Especially if it worked just fine under windows 7. Rightclickthe unittoproceed withinitiate,createpartitionand formataccordingtothe instructionsfrom the operatingsystem.

It is also backwards compatible with USB 2. As I understand you bought a USB to Sate type cable that lights up but the drive doesn’t do anything? MaurieT Welcome to the Ten Forums! Assuming the external HDD is operating correctly and you’ve connected the HDD properly and all your connections are functioning, I would look to insufficient power.

Please turn on JavaScript and try again. FAT32 formateratav andraoperativsystem fungerarinte alltid.