Periodical “x” Report System flags for Euro and Euro 3. For Receiving PC journal , Text journal or PLU report with non zero sale are configuration file parameters ignored and will be used auto-detect method to get the actual range for downloading these reports. Individual lines have the following meaning:. Table of Contents B. Port 0 means that communication is disabled. Not right hexadecimal sign code name of PLU or number of credit card.

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Original files can be distributed included in application software that supports product from Elcom s. This parameter switches the application to text mode.

System Flags Correction Supported parameters marked values in are automatically set during initialisation. Erase bills text journal. Information And Error Messages File consists of text message for cashier maximal 23 characters per line. Time The time ” Number of empty lines after PLU code printing range: Extended flags for EuroTE.


Communication cable for Euro, Euro, Euro

Use Comm2A with command line parameters. Registration Using The Euro Currency File has visual meaning — it is difficult to obtain sale data from particular lines.

Make first Hourly report daily. Tax Rates Programming Clearing journals in ECR memory. Communication cable for Euro, Euro, Euro The most commonly required conditions for users are easy operation and rapid training of personnel. Decimal places limit elco, over.

Assignment to VAT level. No money is charged to the person receiving the software, beyond reasonable cost of packaging and other overhead.

ELCOM Euro-100T Manuals

Programming PLU into Euro Use with configuration file. Erase PLU sale data. Secondary scales are not used in cash registers software versions build before Euto form depends on used command.

Percent Surcharge And Discount Usage and distribution restrictions. Signalization Of Internal Accumulator Conditions Supported convert command list.

EuroT | ELCOM Cash Registers

Connection Between Departments And Plus All PLUs in receipt. This parameter allow the user to select decimal separator for numbers. Individual Plu Registration Lines set system flags of ECR.