Once the setup is complete, ensure that Firebird service is running. If future, select Firebird if you see it in the drop down list box. Note that this attribute must contain a valid user name for the InterBase server database. Then enter the name for your data source. Attributes which are logical fields can contain either 0 to set to off or 1 to set to on and are displayed as ” 0 1 “. This is only required for embedded servers. However, while InterBase allows such a definition, it will actually allow larger numbers to be stored in the field, effectively ignoring the precision value.

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Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver User Guide – Configuration

This attribute may be entered in several formats, depending on where the database is located and the connection method required: The server may be located either on a remote computer, or on the same computer as the client and the communication protocol used may be specified by the contents of the database string.

SyncriBox New Partners What’s new. We recommend that you use the “isql” utility to create a new database. In most cases the Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver will attempt to determine if the metadata contains a precision value without help, but there are some InterBase version 6 databases that do not have the precision value.

Because of this, if a application used the above field, the idbc will report a precision of 10 and a scale of 3, so the application will expect to only extract fields that conform to this specification.


Thank you for subscribing to our monthly digest! You can read more about our use of cookies in our Cookies Policy. An optional InterBase role by which a user can connect. First is Firebird 2. The destination folder should be the Ggdb folder you already have set up in Quantum. If an attribute can contain one of several specific values then each possible entry is displayed and separated by a pipe symbol.

Click OK to continue browsing the Devart site. Restricts a database connection to read-only access. To use with Microsoft Excel 97,XP: This is the most important piece of information and is often mistyped by new users.

The database name passed to the InterBase Connect function. Hide my email address. The sample database is served by a instance named instance2. There doesn’t seem to be a new driver in gd public domain yet. Execute Proc allows applications to call either type of procedure by using the standard ODBC escape sequence.

Given the SQL statement. However in some cases, if the value in the database exceeds this precision, the application will report an error.

Ask you database administrator to set up a Firebird login. Important Concepts Default Values Following table lists values for some important parameters in Firebird database.


The path of this file must be provided as odbcc of the host name in the DSN setup. This ensures that updates made by Select procedures are committed.

This should include server IP address, the path on the server and the file name with extension. Click Next or Yes on the screen until you get to the Interbase component selection screen. InterBase treats quotes in this way when using Dialect 3, but double and single quotes are treated the same manner when using Dialect 1 or Dialect 2, so that the bdb.

Provide an ODBC driver for the ESRI file geodat | GeoNet

For details of the other attributes that can be set in odbc. Click OK to close this window. This simple conversion cannot gfb convert true UTF8 data, so the gbd of this option is governed by the actual data stored. In this case, the operating system routine will not be able to perform the conversion, and will not give the expected result. Test allows you to check that the client is able to connect to the specified server data source.

The Create New Data Source dialog box displays a list of drivers:.